One-on-One Math Tutoring

We offer the GiGi's One-on-One Math Program three times per year:

  • Spring session: January - May
  • Summer session: June - August
  • Fall session: September - December

For more information regarding the Math Tutoring Program, call (832) 772-7554 or email

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Building math skills for individuals with Down syndrome increases independence in their school, in the community, and in the workplace.  The aim of this program is to help promote a positive experience of learning mathematics with a sound foundation of basic number understanding.  

Our program is built based on the ways in which individuals with Down syndrome learn best.  Knowing that our participants vary greatly in their abilities and challenges in comprehensive math, we combine multiple approaches that utilize multi-sensory teaching. Graduated levels of purposeful progressions lead to an increase of skills and self-confidence. These methods are aligned with topics taught in the classroom, to provide a comprehensive and cohesive program.  Students can start in our program as early as age 3 or any year after that. It is never too late to start!  Weekly lessons last 45-60 minutes for 10-15 weeks at a time. Family members attend each tutoring lesson and leave with practical activities to continue learning at home. 

Benefits of our math tutoring program: 

  • Increase a range of math skills from number recognition and patterns, to knowledge of addition and subtraction, to money and telling time, to fractions and algebra 
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence 
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • Greater independence and autonomy 
  • Greater inclusion in general education classrooms 
  • More active role in schools and community 
  • Increase peer interaction through purposeful games and activities 
  • Enhanced fine motor development 

Principles of GiGi’s 1:1 Math Tutoring Programs 

  • We teach using materials that are meaningful and relevant to the students 
  • Teach with a multi-sensory approach to build confidence and reinforce learning  
  • We teach students to practice, transfer, and generalize newly learned skills  

We teach students to apply math skills in their real-world experiences. 

Program Reference Materials 

GiGi’s Playhouse Signature Math Tutoring program is built upon proven teaching methods from the following experts:  

  • Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and other Hands-On Learners, by Deanna Horstmeier 
  • Number Skills for Infants with Down Syndrome, by Gillian Byrd and Sue Buckley, Director of Science and Research, Down Syndrome Education International 
  • Resource materials and methodology from Numicon, TouchMath and Touch Money