Literacy Tutoring Launch and Tutor Spotlight

We love our tutors!

We are so excited about our Virtual Literacy tutoring launch! We started tutoring last week and are serving 8 families. Participants range from age 4 to 46 and are already learning so much! Our tutors have jumped through many obstacles to make this happen in this new normal we are living in, “virtually”.  We are so very thankful for them. One of our AMAZING tutors, Katelynn Karns, has really stepped up to the plate. She has been with us since Fall 2019 and this is her 3rd literacy session with GiGi’s Playhouse Houston. Katelynn is going into her sophomore year of college at Sam Houston State University, majoring in Special Education.

Katelynn is SUPER special to us. She has tutored 2 students each session. Even during this session when one of our tutors had to drop out at the last minute, without hesitation and in the midst of her summer classes, she agreed to take on one more! She is creating awesome lesson plans, scavenger hunts and making her lessons super interactive. We are so thankful for Katelynn and all of our tutors who are making this virtual life work. Thank you Katelynn! We love you!



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  1. Wanda on June 25, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    An amazing young woman. She has a bright future ahead!

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