Unveiling the Heart of Learning: A Tutor’s Testimony at GiGi’s Playhouse

At GiGi’s Playhouse, the spirit of one-on-one tutoring has always been free, but the bonds formed with participants are truly priceless! Han, a first-time math tutor in our Fall 2023 session, shares his inspiring journey and the profound connection he forged with Amanda. 

“On the first day I visited GiGi’s Playhouse I was so nervous, and worried. I was worrying about whether I was good enough to help Amanda with what she needed. However, I met Amanda and all my worries and nervousness disappeared. She is bright, happy for every moment, and has positive energy. I thought I was supposed to help her. However, it was not the case entirely. Amanda has helped me a lot. Her passion is amazing and ready to absorb to achieve new things. Amanda’s positive attitude has encouraged me to have a more positive perspective for everything and I truly appreciate that I met Amanda and volunteered at GiGi’s Playhouse.” 

Han’s initial nerves and worries melted away upon meeting Amanda on the first day at GiGi’s Playhouse. In his heartfelt testimony, Han reflects on how Amanda’s bright and positive energy transformed his tutoring experience. What started as a mentor-student dynamic quickly evolved into a mutual exchange of support and inspiration. 

Amanda, with her passion and readiness to absorb new knowledge, became not just a learner but also a source of motivation for Han. Her infectious positivity encouraged Han to adopt a more optimistic perspective in all aspects of life. Their connection became a beacon of encouragement for the entire Playhouse community. 

Every Thursday morning, the Playhouse buzzed with the energy of math tutoring for Amanda, creating an atmosphere of excitement and encouragement. Despite initial nervousness, the flourishing connection between Han and Amanda highlights the transformative power of tutoring, benefiting both the volunteer and the participant. 

Join us in creating smiles and lifelong memories! If you’re interested in becoming a tutor and making a positive impact, we’re always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers like you. Reach out to our Program and Volunteer Manager at awenzel@gigisplayhouse.org to explore the rewarding opportunities awaiting you at GiGi’s Playhouse. 

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