Carolyn making great strides in Speech!

“Carolyn has made great strides in speech. I have been seeing her for a few months. We’re working on expanding sentence length – to do this, it really works to engage Carolyn in tasks that challenge her cognitively, as her receptive language is very strong. Carolyn loves a good challenge! We work on “language puzzles” such as identifying or labeling the category of an item. She’ll sit for a bit to think about the answer and then respond with 3-5 word sentences. This works so well not only to get her to think, but also to use longer sentences! We’re also working on social-emotional tasks such as identifying and labeling emotions, taking turns and clearly requesting for help so Carolyn can communicate her wants/needs more clearly. Recently, we were blowing bubbles as a break. Carolyn was having trouble blowing a bubble, and while in the past this may have caused her to become frustrated, she independently and calmly took my hand and placed the bubble wand in it and said “Sab’s turn” as a way of requesting for me to blow the bubble. It was so sweet and such huge progress in our sessions. She didn’t need any redirection in what otherwise may have been a moment of outburst or frustration. Carolyn is truly so much fun to work with!” Sabrina, Speech Pathologist

When we asked Carolyn’s parents to share what Carolyn being in the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program has done for Carolyn they shared, “We can’t say enough about Sabrina and the impact she’s had on Carolyn through their 1:1 weekly speech sessions at GiGi’s Playhouse. Carolyn now greets me when I walk in the door after work and she has full conversations, back and forth with her dolls. At school they are relaying more and more she is using 3-4 words when communicating and jut recently, they reported that Carolyn on her own, answered a question in her morning group that includes all the other kids! Carolyn and Sabrina have a really nice bond; Carolyn asks to go to GiGi’s Playhouse several times throughout the week! 🙂 We couldn’t be more grateful!” – Dominic & Theresa Calderisi 

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