Two Turning ONE

ONE of a Kind Birthday 

Today, there is so much to celebrate! One year ago, we had an absolute blessing that two baby boys were born on this day, and no they are not twins! Both boys come from different families, both diagnosed with Down syndrome, and were even born at the same hospital! We were lucky enough to celebrate these two cuties and learn more from their moms about the stories about Jace and Luke. When these moms were explaining their side of their stories, it sounds like things just fell beautifully in place.

Luke’s mom, Margo, said that she didn’t find out that Luke had Down syndrome until he was born. Margo said her doctors did not suspect any signs of Down syndrome throughout her pregnancy. After Luke was born, and they were told Luke was diagnosed with Down syndrome, Margo said she was calm, understanding, and was simply happy to have a healthy baby boy.

Jace’s mom, Jennifer, has three other children and all of them were incredibly supportive. Jennifer had a friend that had a child with Down syndrome, and she wanted her children to meet him and learn more about what it would be like to have someone in their family that would have Down syndrome. Jennifer said her oldest son, who was fifteen at the time, was so encouraging and excited! He told her that he was looking forward to having a brother with Down syndrome and said individuals with Down syndrome “focus on what’s important.”

Margo stated that Luke came three weeks earlier than his due date, and Jennifer said that Jace must have known that is best friend was born and wanted to meet him! Unfortunately, they did not meet at the hospital and due to HIPAA laws, the nurses and doctors could not inform the moms that there was another child with Down syndrome born on the same day. Right after Jace was born, Jennifer’s husband stepped out into the hallway and heard a nurse say out loud, “Another baby with Down syndrome?” It wasn’t official, but that was the first Jace’s family heard about Luke. It wasn’t until both moms joined Gene Rockin’ Moms that they connected. Margo reached out to Jennifer and asked, “When was Jace born?” To her surprise, she found out that it was the same day and ever since then the two boys have been inseparable.

Tell us about your first time at GiGi’s Playhouse

Margo’s first time at GiGi’s was when Luke was only a few weeks old, and they went to visit GiGi Fest. She saw all the celebrations for each child there and was surrounded by all the support we provide for each and every family. Jennifer’s first time at GiGi’s was attending an LMNOP class, and said that when she walked into the playhouse, Julie immediately took Jace and said, “Hey everyone I have a surprise for you, it’s a baby!” Jennifer appreciated everyone getting to know her and Jace. Ever since that day she said, “There is nothing, but love in this room” GiGi’s is a place to have love, support, and a community that proves you are not in this alone. So many of our families and children with Down syndrome express so much joy, and GiGi’s shares their positive message and changes lives for the better.

How are you celebrating the boys?

Both boys had their own birthday party and Jace’s birthday party was last Saturday. Luke is celebrating his on this Saturday and instead of presents, his family has requested for their guests to donate to GiGi’s Playhouse and Inspired which is a coffee shop in Lake Geneva that hires adults with disabilities.

If you want to know more about Inspired Coffee and donate here is their website:

If you want to donate to GiGi’s Playhouse, please go to:

Margo’s family is almost halfway to their goal! Please help make Luke’s Birthday wish come true and continue to spread acceptance about Down syndrome!

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