Saturday, May 14 – Crawlers Group and 2 & Under Group!

Our Crawlers Group meets on a monthly basis, from 9-9:45am. It is led by a Physical Therapist and local gymnastics teacher, and parents work with their child under supervision and are given ideas to try at home.
Siblings are welcome and encouraged to attend – they can be great motivators for their brother or sister and are taught things to work on at home as well!

For kids who are not crawling yet, they would work on the muscles that are not being used to help get the child crawling. They can help with muscle strength and development for kids who are just beginning to crawl or take first steps.
Immediately following the Crawlers Program is our…..

2 & Under Group

Saturday, May 14 – 10-11:30am

Bring the family for a fun morning! Play, relax, and talk with other families.

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