Hugs and Mugs has been very happy to welcome back Matthew! At 60, he is our oldest intern and has lots of stories to share. He is here from Providence, Rhode Island on his circuit tour around the country to visit all his siblings. He stays with each sibling for a few weeks and gets to experience lots of different things. He has seven brothers and sisters, a couple of which live in the Chicago area.

In the past, Matt has worked at schools, hotels, and even as a haircut assistant! In addition to working in Hugs and Mugs, he also volunteers at House of Hope – St. Anne’s Resale Shop, and he hands out bulletins at St. Anne’s Church on Sundays. When we asked what his favorite job was, he said, “I like them all!”

Matt’s favorite color is red and when he’s not working, he loves to watch TV and play PS4 games. He also loves to take photos of all the people and places he visits and he always makes sure to create Christmas cards and other cards for loved ones.

Matt loves working behind the counter, cleaning, doing inventory, and talking to customers. Having a conversation with him is sure to leave you feeling so happy and like you learned something new. He is very charming and sweet!

Matt is in Hugs and Mugs every Wednesday and Friday and he’ll be attending the Gala on February 29th. Make your way in to see him and make a new friend before he leaves again in March!

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