February Career Programs

David Arias is a shining star at Hugs & Mugs- literally. His smile can light up any room he walks into, and will instantly win you over with his warm grin. David’s friendly personality and hard work ethic make him the most incredible team member at Hugs & Mugs.

David first started at GiGi’s Playhouse in 2021, when he entered GiGi Prep. GiGi Prep is his step one in our progressive learning program for adults with Down syndrome. Meeting multiple times each week for 10 weeks, the curriculum focuses on Confident U, Healthy U, and Whole U. Our GiGi Prep program has an emphasis on building communication skills, money management, customer service skills, team building, and wellness. David immediately showed his skillset, bringing a positive attitude and hard work ethic to the classroom.

After GiGi Prep, David then joined GiGiU- where he really started to focus on his career skills. It was here that David proved that he would be a great employee. From the start of GiGiU, David had shown his excitement for joining Hugs & Mugs. He couldn’t wait to become an intern! GiGiU  is a comprehensive and progressive learning program tailored specifically for adults with Down syndrome comprised of a 15-week instructional program. The ideal candidate will be highly goal-oriented and motivated to achieve a new level of personal success. GiGi U is application and interview-based. Participants will be asked to meet with the program leader prior to class and will be provided with expectations for commitment to the program.

Fast forward to today, David has completed his certifications in Hugs & Mugs. He has truly mastered customer service, serving everyone who walks into Hugs & Mugs with a smile, and a big “Hello!”. David is always the first to offer to help customers with whatever they need. Any job that GiGi’s staff or volunteers ask him to do, David immediately says “Yes!” He is now looking forward to joining GiGi Professionals during our next session, where he will not only keep working on his customer service skills, but start working on his administrative/office skills as well.

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