GiGi Prep is a progressive learning program for adults, comprised of modular programs that meet twice a week for 12 weeks that encompass Confident U, Healthy U, and Whole U. The GiGi Prep program emphasizes communication skills, money management, customer service skills, team building, and wellness. This program is an application based program with high expectations to motivate adults with Down syndrome. This program serves as a precursor for GiGi University, so adults can always work to improve their skills as much as possible to prepare for the future!

Someone in the Fall 2019 GiGi Prep session that has gone above and beyond would be our very own Tayla. She has met and exceeded all of our expectations within the classroom and has shown that she has the leadership skills to match. At the beginning of the session, she was a bit shy and reserved in her new environment, but she has truly come out of her shell. She participates quite a bit in class and takes the initiative to help her classmates with each task that is assigned, as well as solving any other problems that arise. She is bursting with creativity that we are still discovering every day and has a lot to offer.

Tayla will be graduating from GiGi Prep and entering GiGi University in the Spring 2020 session. Don’t miss our Achievement Ceremony to see her and all our adults in action showing what they’ve learned this session on Wednesday, December 18th at 6:30 pm at the Hoffman Playhouse! To learn more about the GiGi Prep program and apply for the Spring 2020 session, check out our website

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