GiGi Knocked it out of the Park!!

Did you catch the Cubs game on Tuesday?? Our very own GiGi was the highlight when she sang the National Anthem and did AMAZING!

It takes over 70 muscles to produce one word, and having low muscle tone greatly impacts precision and endurance for speech production.

GiGi has been working so hard to increase her muscle placement and endurance to increase speech intelligibility. She’s also worked her core and respiratory muscles to be able to support the speech she’s producing. Which again low muscle tone impacts!

She’s telling her body (and hypotonia) that she CAN build endurance and train her muscles to do what she wants, when she wants.

Talk about inspiring!

It comes easy to us but for individuals with Down syndrome they have to work at it. This is why singing is HUGE, especially the National Anthem!


If you haven’t seen GiGi’s brilliant performance, check out the article from ABC7 here!!

We are grateful for all the support we’ve received from local and national news, families from near and far, and new friends we continue to make.

We are all so proud of GiGi and can’t wait to see what else she and ALL our individuals with Down syndrome continue to do!

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