GiGi’s At Home “Steps” Up

GiGi’s At Home “Steps” Up

When I told our site coordinator that I would take some pictures at a GiGi’s At Home program this week, I was not prepared for how much sweat was involved. I went to Step to Accept HIIT training. HIIT stands for High. Intensity. Interval. Training. It was so intense, I had to sign a waiver before I registered! And it delivered on that intensity. When I went to the online class, I kept my camera off with the intention of just sticking to my job of taking pictures, but in GiGi’s Playhouse fashion, I was invited in on the fun. So I turned on my camera and started my high knees. This program is part of helping people train for the upcoming remote event “Step to Accept,” and boy, does it make sure you will be ready!  

Towards the end of the workout, the instructor, Erin, stopped to tell us about her friend, Phil. Phil was also on the call, a participant getting ready for Step to Accept. Turns out, Phil and Erin were from the same Playhouse… and they had been working out together for almost 5 years! In the midst of a global pandemic, these two are continuing to motivate each other, and I am amazed. Lately, a lot of us can’t even convince ourselves to change out of our PJ’s.  

Phil and Erin were totally giving their best of all! Seriously, nothing can stop them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay workout buds until the next global pandemic! So, grab a friend, get motivated, and get steppin’ with them! Take advantage of this amazing workout class, but I warned you… it’s sweaty.

-Abi Bradshaw

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