9th day of Fitness

9th day of Fitness- Rotational turns

Goal of movement- the goal of rotational turns is to coordinate the action of the eye muscles with the movement of the head in space. This movement teaches visual-vestibular coordination and helps the individual to have better balance while he or she is in motion.  It is a great movement to pair with other positions (like kneeling and half kneeling) to increase abdominal activation (pulling in the abdominal muscles) and gluteal activation.

Overstimulation should be avoided!! STOP activity if excessive yawning, changes in skin color, headache, prolonged dizziness, pupil dilation or nausea occur in either participant.

Start with the first progression, if it is too easy then progress to the next progression until you are feeling that you are being challenged, but still able to maintain the integrity of the exercise. Remember to take pictures/videos, continue working on exercises previous and record all in 12 Days of Fitness tracker.


  1.  Rotational turn to right and left, standing with back against the wall
  2. Rotational turns to right and left, back to back with partner
  3. Rotational turns to right and left, back to back with partner (weighted ball)
  4. Rotational turns in tall kneeling
  5. Rotational turns in half kneeling

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