5th day of Fitness

5th day of Fitness- Quadruped series

Goal of movement- the goal of the quadruped positions is to increase joint input at the hands, shoulders, and knees, achieve a neutral spine position (no arching or rounding), and increase abdominal and gluteal activation in a gentle position.

Start with the first progression, if it is too easy then progress to the next progression until you are feeling that you are being challenged, but still able to maintain the integrity of the exercise. Remember to take pictures/videos, continue working on exercises previous and record all in 12 Days of Fitness tracker.


  1.  Hands and knees, strengthening hold
  2. Hands and knees, alternating arm reaches
  3. Hands and knees, alternating leg kicks
  4. Hands and knees, opposite arm and leg reaches
  5. Bear crawl hold- advanced progression

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