12th day of Fitness- Over Unders

Goal of movement- the goal of the over unders is to teach the body how to interpret a large influx of fluid movement in the inner ear.  Tipping the head forward and tipping the head backward cause the largest amount of fluid to move inside the inner ear’s vestibular balance system.  The body’s ability to calibrate this fluid movement with the actual movement of the body helps the individual to stay in balance even when making large movements with the body where visual information is not available.

Overstimulation should be avoided!! STOP activity if excessive yawning, changes in skin color, headache, prolonged dizziness, pupil dilation or nausea occur

Start with the first progression, if it is too easy then progress to the next progression until you are feeling that you are being challenged, but still able to maintain the integrity of the exercise. Remember to take pictures/videos, continue working on exercises previous and record all in 12 Days of Fitness tracker.


  1.  Back against the wall
  2. Ball passes, facing partner
  3. Back to back with partner
  4. Back to back with partner, weighted ball

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