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Hi GiGi’s Families,

By now, everyone is probably in need of a serious brain break (especially parents). We are here to help! Below you will find descriptions and links to some of the most amazing live animal cams around the country. Please check them out. I loved all of them. They will keep everyone entertained for hours.



The Atlanta Zoo is sharing the amazing lives of their Panda Family.

Panda Cam at Atlanta Zoo


The University of North Alabama has a Lion’s Den! Who knew?

University of North Alabama Lion’s Den Cam


Meerkats right here in South Florida! Check out the Meerkat Family in Miami.

Miami Meerkat Cam


In the heart of Greenville, SC lives some of the most beautiful giraffes that I have ever seen. See what they are up to today.

Greenville, SC Zoo Giraffe Cam


In the Tennessee mountains in the bustling town of Chattanooga, lives a family of Snow Leopards. See how they are staying active during social distancing.

Chattanooga Zoo Snow Leopard cam


The Georgia Aquarium (in my home state) is sharing the view from one of the largest tanks in the country. Look closely and you’ll see whale sharks, the largest species of any fish known. Whale Sharks can grow to over 40 feet!

The Georgia Aquarium


If you’re like me, and love Elephants, then you’ll love the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I plan to visit one day and see the elephants in person! Check out what these massive animals are up to today.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN


Did you know that some penguins like warm weather? It’s true! Check out what this penguin family is doing at home in the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo Penguin Cam has several amazing live underwater cameras. On one of them I saw a giant sea turtle eating lunch and a shark just hanging out.  You can also see what’s going on in a tropical reef, I think I spotted some of Nemo’s friends swimming around! Live shark webcam  or the Tropical Reef Aquarium  or Shark Lagoon



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