Down Syndrome Awareness Month Stories

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and around here we like to call it Acceptance Month!

Let us introduce you to some of our incredible friends!



Chris loves his family and GiGi’s! He spends time swimming, doing puzzles, and playing games with his family. At GiGi’s he has Fantastic Friends, GiGiFit for adults and Art Explosion. There are wonderful programs.







Jacob absolutely loves GiGi’s Playhouse. He participates in as many activities as possible, including Fantastic Friends, Art Explosion, Yoga, and one-on-one tutoring!  As his mom, GiGi;s has been wonderful because I can drop Jacob off there and know that he is meeting lots of new friends and that he is safe and happy.







Peyton moved to Ft. Myers with us (his Aunt “Beeps” and Uncle Steve) after the passing of his parents 6 weeks apart in 2019. We found GiGi’s online and it was wonderful finding a place where Peyton could go for activities and where I could get valuable information on how to navigate life with Peyton. GiGi’s has been a great fit for all of us!  Peyton loves his family, his giraffe, his puppet Bobby and especially his University of South Carolina, Gamecocks!



Kelly has a sister, brother-in-law, brother and his girlfriend, and mom for her immediate family. Kelly lives with her mom, and we all get together when we can. Kelly also has 2 little dogs that she loves. Kelly loves everything about GiGi’s. the staff and volunteers, programs like Art Explosion, fantastic Friends, one-on-one tutoring, yoga and GiGiFIT for adults. She looks forward to every event! Thank you GiGi’s!





Barry is the sunshine in our family. He has a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing. He is always trying to come up with something new to tease Randy. We all love to play miniature golf and hang out at the pool. Barry’s favorite things are to beat Wendy when swimming because he can do a flip turn and she can’t. Next, he loves to dunk Randy. GiGi’s is very important to Barry, and he has been involved since the very beginning. He volunteers by shredding all the papers and is ready to help at any other events. Barry also enjoys Fantastic Friends, Yoga and reading with his tutor Donna. When asked about GiGiis he said:” I just love it”.


We invite YOU to join us at GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Meyers! Maybe you are a new parent, someone looking to volunteer, or looking to invest in achievement! There is a place for, everyone, at GiGi’s, and we have the best of friends here!  Please email us at

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