A letter from Erin’s Grandmother…

Erin is one of the many amazing young people at GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Myers. Below is a letter from her Grandmother about how GiGi’s Playhouse and Erin’s tutor, Pam, has made a difference in her life. Read the letter below.


Recognize our wonderful volunteers.

The people who volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse are all very special.  They bring many different talents, skills, understanding and time to help our children learn and experience different activities not always available to our special children.

Since it is National Volunteer Month, I would especially like to thank Pam Garrett, our Volunteer and Programs Coordinator.

Pam is a very special person to our family, and I would like to thank her for her dedication to teaching.  Her creativity, patience and never-ending energy goes without saying as she brings excitement, joy, discipline and curiosity when teaching.

My granddaughter, Erin, is being tutored in reading by Pam.  At first, all Erin wanted to do was to play and was easily distracted by any noise and would yawn or attempt to use any other antic she could think of to get out of doing work.  She quickly learned that Pam’s rule is “work first, then play”.  Pam’s work ethics earned Erin’s respect as she is listening and following directions.  Because of this, Erin is now reading and excited to turn to the next page of a book to find out what happens next.  The excitement on Erin’s and Pam’s face when Erin gives the right answer during a class lesson is so rewarding.

Pam has impacted Erin’s enthusiasm to read and to learn more words with every tutoring session.  No words can express my appreciation for Pam’s dedication to teaching Erin and the determination and love she shows.

My prayers have been answered – to hear my granddaughter read is a gift from heaven.  I was told God puts special people in your life for a reason and he sent us Pam.

You are greatly loved and appreciated.

Thank you.


Erin and Ted


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