What’s Cookin’ at GiGi’s?

Doctors of Occupational Therapy students have partnered with GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso in a new and exciting program—GiGi’s Kitchen for Adults! “UTEP Students and GiGi’s adult participants with Down syndrome will be working together to prepare and then eat delicious and nutritious meals in this new and innovative program. Students will better understand the strengths and unique needs of individuals with Down syndrome. This practical knowledge will be an invaluable experience when the students enter the practice of Occupational Therapy,” says Dr. Kailaigh Stevens, professor at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Adult Playhouse participants are provided with the opportunity to learn about many aspects of meal planning and eating. They receive education on nutrition and meal preparation.

In addition, they benefit in the development of fine motor skills through dicing, chopping and other food preparation activities. They also learn how foods are combined to result in a well-balanced meal.

While preparing and eating a meal, they also practice social skills while developing strong relationships with others in the group.

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