Diamonds in the Sky

Roan exudes a magical quality that attracts beauty around him in all he does. If lucky enough to join alongside Roan in life like I am, you will quickly witness this very superpower I speak of. Day after day… year after year… people show up alongside Roan as the best version of themselves possible, seeding and unfolding a newer grace into this world that would otherwise go unnoticed without his presence. I often refer to Roan as our little wizard in this way. Wherever you go with him, you will see a constant flow of gems showing up bigger and brighter than the day before. It’s Roan’s unique frequency that is so magically contagious.

Whether Roan chose me in life or whether I chose him, one will never know. Whichever the case, I show up big in Roan’s life as an advocate, as a warrior, as a supporter, as a comforter, as love, and as hope. What I see in Roan is a mirror image of a beautiful world around me. It’s simple really… I believe in Roan; devoted to help him unfold into his best version, setting high yet loving expectations for him to climb and conquer each new day. Roan always shows up big and bright, waking up stronger than the day before.

Thank goodness for the magic that Roan and so many others alike offer us all. It is because of them that the world becomes greater, more loving, and united. When one opens their eyes and heart with acceptance and belief, infinite possibility unfolds. I want to partake in this magic and will always walk, run or bike alongside Roan in all he does. It’s time to celebrate. Welcoming all to join us!


Advocate, Believer, Mom, & Friend,

Cynthia Shea


Pictures taken in Bay Village on 5/19/2021. Roan’s 10th Birthday.

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