Crawlers and Walkers is Back at the Playhouse!



Crawlers and Walkers is a great program for young children (ages 0-3) and their families! Come to enjoy an active hour of movement, singing and play.  From ball and parachute games, tunnels, and bubbles there is something for everyone! The group is facilitated by physical and occupational therapists and students and offers a great opportunity for families to connect and make new friends. 


This month’s Best of All Moment goes to Frankie! Frankie made a huge accomplishment this month by taking his first steps! And that was not all. Just moments after Frankie “went the extra mile” and walked up our mini stairs for the first time! We are so proud of all you have accomplished Frankie and cannot wait to see what you do next. Keep up the hard work!


We are excited to see you all next month on August, 14th at 10-11am for more games and a great time! 


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