Best of All: Dance Participants

We have had the opportunity to offer two special dance programs this year, one in January and our most recent program in June. Our Program Leader, Emily, shared of how proud she was of each and every one of the participants who joined us for the program. Not only were there some new participants to dancing…but there were several new participants to GiGi’s Playhouse overall!

One Best of All moment that stands out was last week when I asked the group to walk me through the entire dance all by themselves. They were able to do it with nearly no help, which was amazing to watch! I also have loved the parent involvement throughout the program and how some parents have been doing the dance along with their kids, which I think motivated and encouraged them to keep following along. 

Emily, Program Leader

The group did an amazing job relying on each other to remember their next steps. The teamwork this group showed and the confidence that was built was truly amazing!

Our participants danced to the song “Gold” by Britt Nicole, where the key messaging of the song is “You’re worth more than gold.” We want our participants to know the value they bring to the world. To ensure lasting acceptance, we must show the world what individuals with Down syndrome are truly capable of achieving as students, co-workers, volunteers, friends, and valued members of their communities.

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