Best of All: Mallory

Our GiGi’s Kitchen program leader shared Mallory did an amazing job being independent at GiGi’s Kitchen Kids recently! We made butterfly bags to practice portion control and healthy food choices. Gwyn shared, “She was amazing at being able to separate her snack and put the clothes pin on the snack to look exactly like the instructions without any help.” Mallory is always positive and socializing and encouraging her peers during our weekly sessions, too!

Want to learn how to make our butterfly bag snack? Follow the steps below!

  1. Start with a sandwich bag and a clothes pin.
  2. Divide your bag in half by using the clothes pin.
  3. Fill one side of your sandwich bag with grapes or another sturdy fruit your child likes.
  4. Fill the other side of the sandwich bag with your favorite crackers.
  5. Draw a smiley face on your clothes pin, add some eyes, and now your “butterfly” is complete!

Our GiGi’s Kitchen programs are designed to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and early exposure to practical cooking skills. Under the guidance of program leaders, participants will engage in activities designed to promote healthy eating habits, kitchen safety awareness, food preparation skills, self-confidence, and social skills by applying learned skills as they prepare and enjoy a shared meal/snack!

The GiGi’s Kitchen programs are truly life changing!! Participants in the GiGi’s Kitchen programs are motivated by their peers as they strive for their personal Best of All in health and wellness! 

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