June Volunteer Spotlight: Katarina Altimore

Crafting Connections in the Kitchen: Meet Katarina Altimore, a GiGi’s Playhouse Volunteer 

Hey there, GiGi’s Playhouse Canton community! Today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on a remarkable volunteer who brings creativity, compassion, and a dash of culinary magic to our Playhouse. Meet Katarina Altimore, or as we fondly call her, Kat – the crafty, caring force behind GiGi’s Kitchen. 

About Kat: Born and raised in Massillon, Ohio, Kat is a proud Perry High School graduate from the class of 2015. Recently married in April, Kat describes the journey so far as nothing short of amazing. When she’s not spreading joy at GiGi’s, you’ll likely find her in the aisles of craft stores or indulging her creative side with her trusty Cricut. Kat also enjoys playing video games and has a soft spot for dining at Rockne’s and El Campesinos, willing to travel for a good meal. 

Discovering GiGi’s: Kat’s introduction to GiGi’s came through a friend, leading her to volunteer at the Akron RubberDucks concession stand. The desire to contribute to a meaningful cause and the joy of giving back prompted Kat to join the GiGi’s family. Since then, it’s been an incredibly rewarding journey filled with heartwarming moments and meaningful connections. Apply to volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse HERE! 

Kat’s Role at the Playhouse: Kat wears multiple hats at GiGi’s Playhouse Canton, serving as the GiGi’s Kitchen Kids Program Lead and GiGi’s Kitchen Adult Program Assistant. Kat has become a staple in our GiGi’s Kitchen program, making her a familiar and cherished face at the Playhouse. 

Crafting Inclusion and Cooking Up Smiles: In her own words, Kat shares, “I truly enjoy getting to see each and every one of their faces every single week. It truly feels amazing to know that you’re making a difference and can be a part of their day that they look forward to.” Whether she’s leading the kids’ kitchen or assisting with the adult program, Kat’s dedication to creating an inclusive and joyful environment shines through. 

GiGi’s Kitchen isn’t just a cooking class; it’s a celebration of abilities, a platform for skill development, and an opportunity for our participants to showcase their culinary talents. Kat’s dedication to this program has played a pivotal role in making GiGi’s Kitchen a success, creating a space where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can come together and create something beautiful. Learn more about GiGi’s Kitchen HERE! 

Favorite Playhouse Experience: For Kat, the most cherished moments are the hands-on interactions with participants. “My favorite experience has definitely got to be working hands-on with each of the participants and getting to know them personally,” she says. Their unique personalities, big hearts, and the laughter that fills the Playhouse make every day special. 

Let’s give a round of applause to Katarina Altimore for her incredible contributions to GiGi’s Playhouse Canton. If you’re inspired by Kat’s story and want to join our community of volunteers, check out our website HERE for more information. Together, we can continue crafting inclusion and cooking up smiles for everyone at GiGi’s! 

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