Best of All: Literacy Participants Fall 2022

Our tutors are nothing short of amazing…and it shows in the progress of their participants! We want to share some of the testimonials from our tutors and parents this fall that shows just how much of an impact this program has been making. We have a whopping 11 literacy participants this fall and can’t wait to see what spring 2023 holds!


“Tutoring with Suzanne has been going well. She seems to know how to coax Lana into getting things done considering it’s at the end of a busy school day that she gets to see Lana. I also appreciate Suzanne’s flexibility with schedules… helps a lot!”
– Cyd, mother to Lana (7)


“It is going great for us. Mhani enjoys reading with Mr. Joe. She has boosted her confidence; she’s excited about reading! We hope to stay with Mr. Joe as long as possible.”
– Sharmba, mother to Mhani (9)

“Mhani is progressing quickly now. She’s past just sounding out individual words , and now puts together phrases, so that she can now get the gist of the story.”
– Joe, tutor to Mhani (9)


“Abby continues her slow and steady progress. On our walk the other day we read street signs and reviewed the “a” “e” “I” and “o” sounds we found on the signs. Sometimes she struggles and sometimes she just amazes me!”
– Kathy, mother to Abigail (19)


“Things are going very well in literacy.  Jon and I have seen a great improvement in her reading skills.  We love that she (Lisa) incorporates homework and it does really help.”
– Kris, mother to Alaina (15)

“Sessions are going well.  Alaina is working hard on her spelling words which I feel she needs most help with in order to improve her reading. I feel like Hannah has improved with her reading since I saw her prior to summer session and mom said she has been working on stuff at home.”
-Lisa, tutor to both Alaina (15) and Hannah (19)

two women standing together smiling

“Both Simon and Monroe are doing amazing! Last session Monroe worked on the difference between uppercase B and D. She did amazing! This was the first session where she could distinguish the difference! Simon is doing great on sounding out unknown words, and he is almost on a level two for phonics!”
– Kyra, tutor to both Simon (11) and Monroe (7)


Did you know registration for tutors is open now? If you’d like to sign up to be a tutor for literacy or math, follow the links! Applications will be open for students beginning December 12, 2022.

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