Best of All: H

One of our little friends, H [redacted], has been joining us at LMNOP for a little over a year. H has grown in independence and has come a long way with her motor skills. Music is one of our favorite parts of LMNOP, however we used to have to be careful because H has quite the arm and could easily throw the instruments. She has been able to explore the instruments safely and has not thrown anything in the past few months of coming to the program. H has also done a great job wearing her new glasses and keeping them on. At our most recent LMNOP session, she waved goodbye side-to-side with her wrist for the first time compared to her regular open-and-closed finger wave!

Language Music N’ Our Peeps (LMNOP) is an interactive and engaging program designed to guide parents and young children through learning basic sign language and other forms of communication while using music and language-based activities. Recommended for ages pre-natal to 36 months.

We are so proud of you and can’t wait for more adventures together!!


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