Teeny Tiny Pieces

“When Lucie was entering Pre-Kindergarten, I wanted her classmates to understand better why Lucie looked a little different, didn’t have many words, and might have a tougher time with learning, so I started ordering books in pursuit of the best one to share with the class. While there are a number of great books for kids, especially ones that were learning of a newly diagnosed sibling, there didn’t seem to be one that said what I wanted her classmates to hear.

Because Lucie has 4 siblings, also been very sensitive to books that portray kids with Down syndrome as being “better than” typical kids or as having super powers. I simply wanted to find a book that explained Down syndrome while simultaneously pointing out that those with an extra chromosome are not all that different. When I continued to strike out in that pursuit, I decided I would just have to write my own!

I sat at my computer and after several hours of writing and rewriting rhyming lines, I decided to walk away and try another day. I didn’t plan for that day to be a year and a half later!!

Last week, Lucie’s Kindergarten teacher reached out about ideas for celebrating World Down Syndrome Day and I suggested that I’d find a good book to share. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that 18 months later I would still be frustrated in my pursuit of the perfect book, but there I was ordering books from Amazon and being underwhelmed when they arrived. So Friday afternoon I decided I’d look at my old poem and see if I was inspired to finish it. By Sunday night it became this video- just in time to share with Lucie’s class for WDSD!

The response has been incredible and I’m so happy that so many others are enjoying it! I’m currently learning the process for self publishing so that this resource can be in the hands of teachers and parents across the country!

I hope you enjoy it!”

-Maria Dillon, mother to Lucy, author, and advocate


Update: Teeny Tiny Pieces is now published!! You can get your copy on Amazon.

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