#BestOfAll Moment – Daniel

boy with down syndrome wearing a mask and apron at GiGi's Playhouse Canton

best of all (noun) \best of all\

is continual, measurable, celebrated and it never ends. It is a daily challenge to do a little better than you did the day before and it’s always celebrated. Possible manifestations: standing just one second longer, reading just one more word, learning just one new number, taking just one more step, never a competition, never completed.
Daniel had a #BestOfAll moment at the Playhouse during the first session of GiGi’s Kitchen! Daniel knew his way around the kitchen and was able to identify all the correct safety measures to take before preparing a snack or meal. Our Program Leaders were impressed by Daniel’s knowledge on how to keep himself and others in the Playhouse safe while cooking, and he was able to help the others in the group and take on a leadership role.
We’re proud of you, Daniel!
More information about GiGi’s Kitchen and other local programs can be found here.

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