A Note From a GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis Self-Advocate

Dear GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis,

I am a dancer, Disney lover, Olympic swimmer and….. I happen to have Down syndrome. I have been a part of Gigi’s Playhouse since the beginning in 2017. You are probably thinking, “that is a long time, Alicia!” You’re right, but it feels like just yesterday we were cutting the ribbon on the stage to open our Playhouse. I love it here and it feels like home. I would like to share some of the great memories that I have made here over the past five years.

One of my earliest memories that I have at Gigi’s Playhouse is when I attended GigiFit and PiYo for the first time. This is where I learned how to do a variety of exercises that strengthen my body muscles to improve my balance. The second activity I joined was Fantastic Friends where I met many new friends and had some fun                                                           discussions about life skills.

Some other activities that I have enjoyed here at GiGi’s are having a tea party with my girlfriends (oooh la la), Karaoke night where I sang as many Frozen songs as I could, and mask designing… because who doesn’t love making art that you can wear. 


So, GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis, I want to say thank you for giving me a place to dream big and dance like nobody is watching. I would like to say: I love you so much. As a Gigi’s Playhouse self- advocate, I hope to welcome as many new families as possible to the Playhouse and change the way the world views people with Down syndrome.

Love Always,


A Self-Advocate 

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