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Our FREE GiGiFIT programs are designed specifically for individuals with Down syndrome.  It combine physical therapy with a strong fitness focus. Specifically addressing hypotonia, muscle weakness, and excessive joint laxity, the GiGiFIT programs are safe, effective and progressive. Building strength, endurance, power, stability and movement control, GiGiFIT empowers individuals with Down syndrome to be more independent and confident in their abilities while improving overall health and wellness. The GiGiFIT programs are truly life changing!


How Does GiGiFIT Work?

GiGiFIT focuses on improving areas of fitness through activities in strength, endurance, joint stability, balance, movement control and more. GiGiFIT promotes wellness through nutrition, pushing through barriers and building self-confidence. Participants in GiGiFIT are motivated by their peers both physically and emotionally as they strive for their own personal best.

Core Areas of Curriculum

Fitness: Strength, Endurance, Power, Stamina

Nutrition: Healthy Meal Planning, Personal Wellness, Food Science

Balance & Coordination: Joint Stability, Posture, Movement Control



  • Strengthening and toning muscles are vital to master everyday tasks and promote independence. Through strengthening core muscles, individuals become empowered and grow confident in their abilities to meet their goals.
  • GiGiFIT works to improve balance and coordination. This increases body position and awareness and helps prevent injury. It also helps minimize sub-optimal movement patterns that can lead to chronic issues down the road.
  • GiGiFIT provides a multifaceted approach to increase sensory, perception, decision making and response times to maximize motor control.
  • GiGiFIT teaches about healthy meal planning, meal choices and food science. Through increased nutritional awareness, individuals create their own path to personal wellness.
  • GiGiFIT provides a safe, empowering and structured environment to promote independence through physical activity and education. Individuals work alongside peers to achieve their goals to see improvement in not only their physical health, but enhances their lives.


GiGiFIT Programs:

GiGiFIT You & I

GiGiFIT Infant (Recommended ages newborn-pre-walking)

GiGiFIT Toddler (Recommended ages walking to running)

GiGiFIT Kid (Recommended ages 6-12yrs)

GiGiFIT Teen (Recommended ages 13-17yrs)

GiGiFIT Adult (Recommended ages 18+)

Questions about our GiGiFIT programs? Email us at annapolis@gigisplayhouse.org