GiGi’s Playhouse Treasures Denise Brant

Dee & Denise volunteering at the Harvest Thyme Restaurant Dine to Donate event.

GiGi’s Playhouse Board Treasurer Denise (Dee) Brant and granddaughter Rosie have been coming to the Playhouse since August of 2019. After finding out that Rosie has Down Syndrome, Denise quickly began researching organizations that could serve and support Rosie and the family. She stumbled across GiGi’s Playhouse by accident but is so thankful she did.

Rosie enjoying GiGi’s Fit & Fun Gym!

“I heard about GiGi’s by pure accident.  When I learned that my son and daughter-in-law were having a baby with Down syndrome I started noticing and researching all the programs that focused on DS. I got involved with GiGi’s because of my grand-daughter, Rosie, who is now 3 years old,” says Denise.

Denise and her son knew the Playhouse would help Rosie in the long run and had no doubts to what our programs could offer. Rosie came to play at the Playhouse and has joined a few group sessions in the Fit & Fun Gym. She has loved meeting new faces and interacting with everyone there.

Denise says, “​I was anxious to get Rosie to visit GiGi’s Playhouse so that she (and her parents) could see what great programs are available (for FREE!) as well as having an opportunity to meet other families. I think GiGi’s not only offers awesome programs for all ages, but it also offers a great support system for parents as well.”

Precious little Rosie.

Denise’s path towards joining the Board was also a case of the right place at the right time. With the treasurer position open and the Playhouse looking for someone new, Denise became a perfect candidate given her accounting background. As treasurer, she helps the Playhouse keep its expenses up to date and report the monthly transactions on time. At GiGi’s 2020 National Leadership Conference in early November, GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis was recognized as a “Center of Excellence” for Financial Health, thanks to Dee’s efforts!

“My favorite part of being on the Board is not only the people that I am serving with, but also knowing from a firsthand aspect the great things that we offer at GiGi’s to everyone with DS. I love knowing that what we discuss will make a direct impact on so many people. Plus, it’s a great group of people!”

We are grateful to have Denise on our team! Her commitment to and love of the Playhouse is one we cherish. We could not do this without her! Rosie and Denise’s spirit is infectious, and we are thrilled to have them a part of GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis.

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Author: Camille Manuncia, Communications Intern

Editor: Doni Donero

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