Volunteers of the Month—Hannah & Julia!

Hannah and Julia are the left and right Twix of GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati—they work SO great together! They have also both taken individual ownership of their volunteer roles here at the Playhouse. Most weeks you can catch the dynamic duo helping with various cleaning tasks or helping prep for programs, but it’s not uncommon for either of them to drop on their own. Hannah and Julia both take initiative to come to help out with whatever the Playhouse needs, even if the other can’t join. They have found their “groove” here in a few short month, and get right to work when they’re here!

Julia: Currently, I’m a sophomore in high school. My favorite class this year is biology, and outside of school, I like to spend my time drawing, watching animated movies, and hanging out with my friends!

Hannah: I’m sophomore at Sycamore High School. I am a Volunteer Assistant for the Kids Club program at GiGi’s Playhouse. In addition to helping out at Kids Club, I stop in to clean the playhouse and organize materials whenever I can (usually right after school). Outside of school, I play violin and swim competitively. I love listening to K-Pop, traveling, and trying new foods.

Julia: My mom encouraged me to join a volunteer orientation at GiGi’s after she saw an ad for the organization in my school’s weekly newsletter. Before GiGi’s, I had already volunteered at other organizations, but GiGi’s is my favorite; It’s always fun to drop in and complete some tasks!

Hannah: It started with a counselor’s email about student opportunities. Volunteering at GiGi’s caught the eye of me and my parents, and I was excited to step outside of my comfort zone. My friend and fellow volunteer Julia Li being at the orientation also made me more motivated. Teamwork, and a desire to help, drove us and really kick-started this ongoing effort.

Julia: One reason why I love GiGi’s is that everyone is always very welcoming and kind when you come in. This attitude is given to everyone, not just the volunteers but also the participants. Something else I enjoy is having fun with the kids during Kids Club and exploring the creative schedules planned out each month. 

Hannah: There are many things that I love about GiGi’s. Its extensive list of programs, suited for different age groups, flexibility, and mission to change the way the world views Down syndrome are just a few. The feeling of acceptance and love in the playhouse is my favorite. (Also, the sensory room is so mesmerizing, I could sit in there for hours!)

Julia: If you are thinking about volunteering for GiGi’s, I’d say go for it. Compared to some other places I’ve volunteered at, GiGi’s has a super flexible schedule, and you are never obligated to come in. There are so many different things you can do to help out at GiGi’s.

Hannah: I strongly encourage you to take that first step and to go to a volunteer orientation. It may be nerve-wracking in the beginning, but I promise that it is worth it.

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