Fighting Freddy Believes in Our Build!

When we first received Freddy’s diagnosis, our initial reaction was fear. The doctor who informed us there were indicators of Down Syndrome during our first ultrasound was apologetic, aloof, and misguided. Instead of congratulating us on our baby and connecting us to resources, he sent us on an emotional rollercoaster filled with unanswered hypotheses. My beautiful memory of Freddy jumping around on the ultrasound will forever be paired with the doctor’s distressing words.  

Unfortunately, my story is common among our community. Imagine if each baby with Down Syndrome was greeted with a celebration and families were paired with other families who could provide support, education, and guidance. GiGi’s Playhouse is working to change the way the world views Down Syndrome and builds a lifetime commitment to families. They offer FREE educational, therapeutic-based, and career development programs for individuals with Down Syndrome, their families, and their community. Please join me in supporting this company and helping GiGi’s come to Cincinnati!!” 

Fighting Freddy

Fighting Freddy has raised $3,562 so far to open GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati!  Thank You!

You can help raise money for GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati by helping to Believe in our Build! Click here to create a team or donate!

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