Our Team

Our team is made up of talented people who have been positively impacted by individuals with Down syndrome. Our heart and soul are in our work every day!

Cincy Team Members - 1

Kaitlyn Brennan - Site Manager

Kaitlyn oversees all aspects of the Playhouse, from day-to-day operations, community outreach, marketing, social media, community engagement, fundraising, events, facility management and so much more. Her mission is to serve, educate, and ensure meaningful programs for our participants and a positive environment for anyone who walks through our doors.

Kaitlyn has a B.S.S in Mental Health and Disabilities services with a minor in Communication Science and Disorders from Ohio University. Since graduating, Kaitlyn has worked as a communication instructor, residential care professional, data specialist, participant liaison and community behavioral health manager.

Kaitlyn brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our GiGi's Playhouse Cincinnati team. Kaitlyn lives in the Loveland area of Cincinnati with her husband and their two dogs.

You can email Kaitlyn at cincinnati@gigisplayhouse.org or call her at (513) 888-1653.

Cincy Team Members - 2

Kim Pohorence - Speech Language Pathologist

Kim Pohorence is a proud parent of a child with special needs and an energetic Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with five years professional experience. Her unique perspective as both a SLP and a parent has shaped her approach to therapy, making her an invaluable asset to children and families navigating the challenges of communication disorders. Kim coordinates and supervises the Amina Grace Speech & Language 1:1 Program at our Cincinnati Playhouse.


Cincy Team Members - 3

Anna Shelton - Board Vice President

Anna serves as our board vice president. She lives in the Anderson area of Cincinnati with her husband Dan and four daughters. Their daughter Izzy has Down syndrome. Anna works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as a registered nurse.

Cincy Team Members - 4

Fred Brushaber - Secretary

Fred serves as our board secretary, and helps plan all our events, focusing mostly on our biggest annual fundraisers (the next one happening in March 2024)! Fred lives in the Anderson area of Cincinnati with his husband Mark and their sons Freddy (who has Down syndrome) and Maxwell. Fred works as a patent examiner for the federal government. 

Cincy Team Members - 5

Jim Stegman - Board Treasurer

Jim serves as our board secretary. He is retired and lives in Okeana Ohio on 22 acres with his wife Cindy and dog Dolly. Cindy & Jim have 4 grown children, all married, and 7 grandchildren. Prior to retirement, Jim worked as a Project Engineer, Design Engineer, Software Developer, and Database Application Developer.


Cincy Team Members - 7

Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth is a phenomenal board member who also helps tremendously with our programs! She has a master's degree in early childhood special education and now works in developmental disability services. Elizabeth lives in Cincinnati with her husband Brian. They have two college-aged children.

Cincy Team Members - 8

Jan Terbueggen

Jan and his wife Beth live in Maineville.  He retired from the financial services industry and is working to help build community awareness of GiGi's amazing programs and family support structure.  Jan survives his older brother, Mark, who had Down Syndrome.

Cincy Team Members - 9

Whitney Campbell

Whitney serves as our volunteer liaison, working closely with our site manager to recruit and keep great volunteers. She also helps with our fundraising and development. Whitney is a passionate advocate for the special needs community. Whitney lives in the Anderson area of Cincinnati with her husband Jeff. They have two grown children, Grant and Cate.

Cincy Team Members - 10

Nick Oramas

Nick focuses on development and stewardship on behalf of our board. Nick lives in Northern Kentucky with his wife Julia and their two daughters Emmi, who has Down syndrome, and Sophia.

Cincy Team Members - 11

Tim Poirier

Tim runs our facility maintenance, does our IT work and serves on our board. Tim lives in Cincinnati with his wife Ann (one of our key volunteers) and their four children. Their second child, Alice, has Down syndrome.