321 champion pic

Want to add your photo to our 321 Champions wall?!

You can be our next 321 Champion!

321 is a special number around GiGi's Playhouse Cincinnati because people with Down syndrome have a third copy of their 21st chromosome.

Our 321 Champions wall showcases our amazing families who generously give $21 per month to our Cincinnati Playhouse. When you commit to donating $21 per month to our Playhouse, you’ll receive your own place on our wall. Each spot can be personalized with a photo, name, quote, etc.

Thank you so much to our 321 Champions!

Carver and Carl family
Cromwell family
Grice and Brushaber family
Fish family
Harper family
Malott family
Niemiec family
Pitt family
Poirier family
Shelton family
Tassone family
Truter family
Veotte family