Will you “Believe in Our Build”? 

Did you know that our GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati start-up team has been busy looking at potential spaces for our new location?! This is huge! We can’t wait until the day we can finally open our doors and invite so many local families blessed by Down syndrome to experience the magic of GiGi’s Playhouse.
However, before we can do that, we need more people to “Believe in Our Build!” If you believe in our build, we humbly ask you to create a fundraising team for your loved one with Down syndrome. All you have to do is click here and then click on  “Become a Fundraiser.”

Once you have your team set up, spread the word via social media and email, asking your family members and friends to donate to your team. Be sure to let them know that every dollar they donate goes toward unique programs that foster kindness and acceptance of all people with Down syndrome in Cincinnati. If your team becomes a top five fundraising team, a picture of your loved one with Down syndrome will be in the window of our Playhouse!

What are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to get involved! When you become a fundraiser for our Believe in Our Build campaign, you will change the lives of countless people with Down syndrome in and around Cincinnati.

Thank you for helping us change the world!

Become a “Believe in Our Build” fundraiser today 

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