Summer Successes!

Our Summer Session was amazing. It was 100% virtual and was a full session, we tutored 18 students, many of which were tutored in both math and literacy.  


The Tutors embraced our new virtual platform and gave their best of all by learning the new platform, creating amazing materials to help develop their student’s understanding and skill level in the specific purposeful progression they were learning, and for providing the motivation and enthusiasm required to learn successfully in a virtual world. Thank you, everyone!  


Our students were awesome and every single student in our summer session received a Best of All certificate and we have made a Best of All area in the Playhouse to celebrate all the successes this Summer. We hope the tutoring sessions have prepared you for the new school year in whatever capacity that may be! 

Best of All area – showcasing our successes this Summer!

David and Alyssa 

David had previously found virtual learning very challenging. He and his tutor spent the first 2-4 weeks establishing a relationship and routines to optimize David’s learning. By the end of the 8-week session he was achieving very well in every sessionDavid was able to sustain attention for a 15-20 page book with one sentence on each page. His mom would print the book each week and point to the words as David read along. It became obvious at the beginning that he struggled with screen sharing and was successful when the materials were in front of him. Way to go David! 

Alyssa spent a lot of time creating engaging and inviting materials to draw David in. Alyssa created PowerPoints and instead of using computer-generated graphics, she drew and colored in all the illustrations she used when making books for David. Thank you so much for your generosity and dedication this summer, we hope you return in the Fall! #Bestofall 

David worked very hard this summer – keep up the good work! 

Kacie happily embraced learning new math concepts and improved upon her existing math skills throughout the summer session.  Kacie and her tutor spent most of the time focusing on money skills, we are so happy you are developing these skills. Keep up the good work! 

Jacob mastered the number 6 this Summer! Woo hoo! When Jacob began the summer session, he tended to skip the number 6 when he counted 1-10 but by the end of the session, he was able to count to 10 perfectly! Jacob also worked very hard at using two words to describe an object, such as a blue ball or a red square – awesome work!  

Marie worked very hard this summer to develop her money skills, but before she could work on money, Marie consolidated her understanding of counting 5s – awesome job Marie, keep on practicing! 

Emily worked extremely hard at her quizzes this summer, which resulted in her moving up a level in Raz Kids. Fantastic news!  Keep up the good work! 

Matthew worked very hard this summer to consolidate his understanding of odd and even numbers – awesome job and keep up the good work as you start your first year at college! 

Nicole has worked extremely hard this summer developing her comprehension skills. She can now return to the book to help her answer the questions, which helped her lots when she was reading her favorite book all about Jessie. Fantastic job – keep up the good work! 

Nicole working hard!


Viola and Ali 

Viola is in her early 20s and needs a lot of motivation to read. Ali and Viola developed an amazing relationship from day 1. Viola wanted to read Peter Pan but ‘not the children’s one!’. Ali spent time creating a PowerPoint suitable for a young adult and Viola loved reading it. Viola’s mom was very happy with the Summer Session “Vi had a great time with her … She got her reading again, yay! and writing” Together they made a poster all about popsicles and Viola even bought a shirt with a popsicle on it! She was so happy. 

Viola’s Popsicle Project


This Summer Session has been such an amazing start to our virtual learning, and we cannot wait to celebrate many more Best of All moments this Fall. We wish everyone returning to school the best of luck for the year!  

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  1. dyoung on August 31, 2020 at 11:45 am

    We made lemonade from lemons. Way to go!!
    Thank you to all our volunteers, families and participants for your patience as we navigated this unusual time.
    The result was a fun, unique and very successful summer of virtual programming and math and literacy tutoring.

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