Never Stop Trying – You Do Make a Difference

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight and Best of All goes to Sushma and her math student Patricia. From the first day of tutoring, Patricia clearly demonstrated that she was not interested in going upstairs to the Learning Lab. Over time, Patricia did move from the couch to the table downstairs and would work for whatever time remained. The ultimate goal was for her to go upstairs to the Learning Lab.

This continued for several sessions. But Sushma always maintained a calm demeanor offering suggestions, all the while trying to get to know Patricia.

On their 7th session together, Patricia, on her own, went straight upstairs to the learning lab and began working without any issues at all.  Her smile was huge. According to Sushma, Patricia was fantastic and worked very hard for the entire session #BestofAll. She breezed through Level 2. To add to this wonderful outcome, Patricia drew this picture for me, which is now hanging in the office.


Patricia’s mom, Marian commented that, “Patricia and Sushma are working very well together and making good progress. We do have one of the math boxes now, from Sushma.  We enjoy playing with the various items at home” This is huge, since Patricia previously refused to take anything home.

Sushma has also requested to tutor Patricia next time to maintain consistency and to consolidate the progress that has been made in the last 7 weeks. Way to go Patricia and Sushma!

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