A Volunteer’s Determination, Love, and Commitment

Carol Altomare, our incredible GiGi’s Kitchen Program Leader, always goes above and beyond. During the dark days of the Pandemic, Carol and her daughter, Christine, embarked on realizing our dream – creating a GiGi’s Kitchen Cookbook. The pair spent the next three years organizing, planning, and photographing the group’s favorite recipes. Carol was motivated by the sparkle of all the young people at GiGi’s and their families.

Carol and Sydney

After many years of their shared culinary experience, GiGi’s Kitchen has gathered an extensive collection of delicious recipes. Did you know that the young cooks have prepared over 100 recipes since the very beginning of the program at the Playhouse? Carol’s unwavering dedication is a testament to the community’s spirit and passion. Carol stated, “A printed cookbook is a way to celebrate all these wonderful young people and their impressive accomplishments!”

Available TODAY!

Carol has created an extraordinary cookbook comprised of 28 recipes & photos of our young cooks “in action.” The masterpiece goes beyond recipes, offering a comprehensive guide that includes kitchen safety, how to use sharp utensils, and a fun quiz to help you learn cooking words. “Nutrition is a significant focus at GiGi’s Kitchen. Young people are constantly discovering that a nutritious dish can be delicious, too! Our cookbook explains why certain foods and food groups help us to grow and be healthy.”

Holiday cooking

The GiGi’s Kitchen Cookbook is a celebration of our vibrant community featuring the collective effort of our GiGi Kitchen kids, teens, and adult participants working hard at home or the Playhouse, making a diverse array of recipes, from Bean Burritos to Maple Granola and Pasta Salad to Holiday Chocolate Bark. The cookbook provides easy and a little more challenging recipes, but each one promises to be fun and tasty!

In the hands of Carol, this cookbook becomes a tangible celebration of the remarkable achievements of the young individuals at GiGi’s Kitchen. Through its pages, it invites readers to savor not just the flavors but also the joy, dedication, and spirit that have gone into crafting this culinary masterpiece. Carol’s legacy, embedded in the cookbook, is a testament to the power of shared passion, resilience, and the joy of creating something truly exceptional.

Maya was delighted to grab her copy!

Get your copy today at the Playhouse for only $30! They are selling fast.

GiGi’s Kitchen returns in January. Join Carol and the rest of the team at the Playhouse to cook up a storm.

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