Introducing – Westchester’s Generation G Youth Board

We love our volunteers! Earlier this year, a sibling of one of our participants approached us and asked if she could start a Youth Board at our Playhouse. Mira was very passionate and quickly recruited her friends to join her. We reached out to other local High Schools and now have 8 members from Hastings on Hudson HS, Ardsley HS, Masters School, and Edgemont HS. As a group they have met twice, successfully voting in members as officers. We look forward to seeing what amazing things they achieve together – meet our first Gen G Youth Board!

Mira, President

My name is Mira Hinkaty, and I am a junior at Hastings High School. In my free time, I love playing sports, doing art, and spending time with friends and family. My little sister has Down syndrome, so I have been coming to the Westchester Playhouse since I was very young. I was inspired to start the Generation G Youth Board because I wanted a way to be more involved with the Playhouse and to create a community of teens who are just as passionate about helping individuals with Down syndrome as I am. 

Lois, Vice-President

Hi! My name is Lois Heitler. I am a junior at Hastings High School, where I play soccer and run track. I have been involved in GiGi’s Playhouse for a long time, thanks to my friend Mira Hinkaty and her family. I began volunteering with the GiGiFIT Toddler and GiGiFIT Teen programs. I love the Playhouse and was looking for a way to get even more involved. I am super excited to be a part of the Generation G Youth Board and work with kids my age to spread awareness and help get more young people involved in the Playhouse.

Georgia, Secretary

Hi, my name is Georgia Smith and I am the Youth Board Secretary! I am a junior at Ardsley High School. I have volunteered at GiGi’s for many years, ever since my Girl Scout troop helped out at a Holiday Party soon after the Playhouse opened. I love volunteering here because I want to interact with people with Down syndrome and spread awareness throughout the community. 

Josh, Treasurer

My name is Josh Burdick. I am currently in my junior year at Hastings High School. I really like the outdoors and spending time outside. Some things I like to do are playing soccer, playing music, hanging out with friends and family, and reading. This is my first year at the Westchester Playhouse and I’m really excited to help out. I hope to make a positive impact on people’s lives and help individuals with Down Syndrome.

Sophia, Social Media, and Marketing

Hi, my name is Sophia Geiser! I am in charge of the social media aspect for GiGi’s Playhouse. I am a junior at Ardsley High School and I enjoy playing tennis. I got involved with GiGi’s earlier this year because I wanted to be able to learn and help out with people who have Down Syndrome, while also getting involved with my community. 

Sophie, Fundraising, and Events

My name is Sophie Merola, and I am head of events and fundraising for our board. My brother has Down syndrome and attends various programs at the playhouse, all of which he enjoys. This sparked my interest in getting involved and volunteering at the Playhouse. I believe that it is incredibly important to get the youth involved in the Playhouse’s programs and the Generation G Youth board is a great start. 

Dylan, Board Member

I am a sophomore at the Masters School and in addition to being a member of the Youth Board at GiGi’s Westchester, I am also a one-on-one literacy tutor. When I am not studying or volunteering, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, traveling with my family, playing guitar, listening to music, swimming, and reading.

Becca, Board Member

Hi, I’m Becca and I’m a sophomore at Edgemont High School. I’m excited to be on GiGi’s youth board! I volunteered at the playhouse last summer and really enjoyed it. I also enjoy playing softball, listening to music, and spending time with friends. 

Look out for more news from them as they start to make an impact at our Playhouse. They have formed a team to move for acceptance at our GiGIFIT Acceptance Challenge on May 21st at Rockland State Park – come along to meet them and support all board members.

Are you interested in discovering more about our Gen G Youth Board? Contact us, we are looking for members 13 years of age and older to help us make an impact and spread awareness and acceptance in our communities.

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