GiGi’s at Home #3 – Board Games

Playing board games is a great way to pass some time while we are all stuck inside. Board games are not only fun but they help teach patience & sportsmanship as well as build educational skills.

Here is a list of some games as well as the educational skills that they reinforce:

Bananagrams: reading, spelling
Battleship: coordinate planes, strategy, critical thinking
Blokus: math, strategy, spatial relationships
Boggle: reading, spelling, critical thinking
Connect 4: patterns, critical thinking, strategy
Dominos: matching, strategy
Guess Who?: critical thinking, physical attributes
HiHo Cherr-o: one-to-one correspondence, counting, number recognition
Mad Lips: reading, spelling, sentence structure, English grammar, language arts
Mastermind: patterns, strategy
Monopoly: math (addition & subtraction), money management, cooperation, strategy
Scrabble: reading, spelling, math, critical thinking
Spot It: working under pressure, visual skills, critical thinking
Scattergories: reading, spelling, vocabulary, critical thinking, language arts
Rummikub: sequencing, patterns
Qwirkle: spatial recognition, planning, problem solving, strategy, reasoning, critical thinking
Twister: physical fitness, coordination
Yahtzee: math (adding, multiplying), probability, reasoning, strategy, social skills

10 Fun Math Games to Play with Uno Cards

What are your families favorite games to play together?

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