Fall Successes, Achievements and Best of Alls

In 2020, we learned how to navigate virtual tutoring and strived to make our 1-1 tutoring programs the best that they can be.

Everyone involved in our tutoring programs worked hard to create online and interactive resources and materials, we introduced program bags to maintain the multi-sensory element of our literacy and math programs and we got to know what worked and what didn’t with our individual students.

As a result, our students were able to be successful and make some amazing achievements during our Fall session.

Time to CELEBRATE our successes!

Edward aged 7, worked very hard in literacy progressing his reading level to C and in turn achieving level 1. He will begin the Spring 2021 session in level 2 – learning and developing his comprehension skills. Edward LOVED the category Zingo PowerPoints his tutor made for him and he became a Zingo expert! Such amazing successes and best of alls. We look forward to seeing what you achieve this session.

Edward enjoying our in-person programs in early 2020.

Leah aged 9, did a great job at improving her reading comprehension skills. She can answer almost all the questions about the book by herself – way to go Leah! Leah also participates in our math program and has improved her understanding of TouchMath. She can use touch numbers to add and subtract. Amazing best of all’s Leah – keep up the hard work.

Leah concentrating hard with her tutor Roni.

Viola aged 22, participated in both our literacy and math program. Viola’s project focused on fashion this session and was amazing! Viola also enjoyed playing closed and open syllable bingo – fantastic best of all Viola!

Viola meeting her tutor outside for tutoring.

Nicole aged 18, has developed her confidence when reading and loves to share her knowledge of the Jessie books with her tutor. Nicole enjoys answering the comprehension questions after sharing a chapter of her favorite Jessie book – wonderful Nicole, keep up the hard work!

Nicole receiving her Best of All certificate.

Anjanette aged 16, achieved an amazing best of all this session – she worked very hard to progress two reading levels in Raz Kids. She is now confidently reading level C books – Awesome!

Anjanette working hard with her tutor Maria.


Avery’s (aged 9) best of all was writing the entire alphabet with very little assistance. Avery loves the website Starfall and as a reward, she can choose one of the games. Avery worked really hard to get 3 stars on 3 separate occasions for matching in Backpack Bear’s Book section – awesome job Avery!

Molly aged 19, did an amazing job this session. Molly created her own gossip column titled Molly’s Juicy Gossip Column and she excitedly researched for 3 consecutive weeks. In addition to this project, Molly read 3 books during the Fall session – an amazing accomplishment!

Matthew aged 20 worked with one of our college interns this past session and this is what she had to say about working with Matthew: “I introduced skip counting by 2s with him, I thought he would have some trouble with it, but he ended up memorizing the pattern up to 50! This past week, he practically blew through skip counting by 5s and 10s! He could do all of it without looking at the chart I had provided. He’s made such great progress, such a hard worker! I truly enjoyed working with him”


During the Fall session, there were many more best of all moments and this is just a snippet of the successes and achievements celebrated by our tutors, students, and families. We cannot wait to celebrate all the best of alls during the current session, which began this week!

If you are interested in becoming a tutor and making a huge impact on our participant’s math and literacy skills, please register as a tutor here.

Tutor Registration for our next session will open on January 29th.

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