It’s October, which means a new session of GiGiFIT Teen and Adult begins. We have 8 teens and young adults to join Kelly every week for 12 weeks to strengthen their core and to increase their fitness and improve their nutrition habits. This program inspires all our participants to become active, rethink what they eat and drink and ultimately increases their enjoyment for fitness. Since we pivoted to virtual programs, I have had the pleasure to attend the majority of these sessions. The support, encouragement and kindness the participants give each other throughout the session is incredible. 

Kana enjoying our in-person sessions before the pandemic.

Our first session is when we complete the pre-session tracking assessment. Now that we are doing this in a virtual world, all participants needed a buddy to help them. Thank you to those parents and siblings that helped us out! Kelly led everyone through the different measurements and showed them the best way to complete each. 

At the end, we discussed our goals for this session and how they would achieve these goals. Here are some of the goals we hope to achieve by the end of this year. 

Viola wants to increase her ball passes from 29 to 50. She will achieve this by practicing with her mom on a daily basis. We can’t wait to hear all about your success, Viola! 

Samantha wants to increase her plank from 2.5 minutes to an amazing 5 minutes! Samantha hopes to achieve this by practicing her plank every day while reading on her kindle, bulking up and just doing it! Way to go Samantha! 

Molly has set herself a huge goal, she wants to be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes. To achieve this, she is going to set herself some mini goals, for instance she wants to hold it for a minute to begin with and then will increase her goal until she reaches that magic 5 minutes. We know you can do it Molly! 

Caileen wants to lose inches and she will do this by switching over to drinking water, getting in shape and running. Good luck Caileen! 

Kana chose not to focus on one specific area but instead wants to be better in all the exercises that we practice in our GiGIFIT sessions. Kana will do this by practicing every day – awesome job Kana! 

October is Down Syndrome Acceptance Month – check out the website and join in with 21 Days of Fitness.

This October join us in 21 Days of Fitness, we would love to see your photos. These can be shared with us at

Good luck to everyone in achieving these goals. Are you interested in participating in the Winter Session of GiGiFIT? Registration will open in December. 

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