Welcome Alexis to Playhouse Family!

Hello everyone! I want to begin by introducing myself. My name is Alexis Cleland, and I am excited to start my role as the Youth Board Facilitator. I heard about GiGi’s through many different outlets. After looking into what the organization is about and its alignment with my passions, I knew I needed to connect. I have had experience working with various students with disabilities, from toddlers to college students. I am originally from the Fond du Lac area and am new to the Wausau area for my new role as a Middle School/ Early Childhood School Psychologist. I enjoy being active, whether yoga, barre, hiking, etc.  I also love my plants and getting creative with cooking.   

The youth board follows Generation G Youth Board Mission: To be accepting, generous, and kind by educating and involving the community through outreach and awareness. To advocate for a culture of acceptance and compassion towards individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

I hold this near and dear to my heart—the cultivation of acceptance and kindness to everyone, especially to the families Gigi’s Playhouse serves. To have dedicated individuals in the surrounding school districts willing to participate in this mission is astounding. These individuals have many skills to offer a group like this, leadership, creativity, tech-savvy, genuine passion, and so much more. I cannot wait to see what the youth board can do in the Wausau area.

As for my goals, I want to give the youth board the encouragement and energy to let these students shine in their roles and feel fulfilled by being part of a nationally recognized organization. I want to cultivate a board that feels like a team that accomplishes its goals and fosters a more significant connection with the community, each other, and the families we serve.

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