Destination Discovery Programming November Highlight

Missed out on Destination Discovery programming this month? No problem! Here is a sneak peek of one of the turkey themed activities that participants did this month! Feel free to try this activity at home. Better yet – send GiGi’s Wausau pictures of your family doing this fun activity together! For more Destination Discovery activities – attend in-person programming the third Wednesday of the month from 5-6 PM. Register Here!

Turkey Leaf Craft – this simple activity works on many fine-visual motor and sequencing skills with cut and glue components that can be easily adapted for all age levels. Additionally, going on a “hunt” and searching for fall leaves outside is great for gross motor skill building and sensory exploration. When hunting for the leaves, talk about sizes, colors, and how the leaves smell and feel.  

Supplies: fall leaves of various colors/sizes, construction paper, glue, scissors, turkey body template 

Instructions: Participants will choose a variety of fall leaves and glue them onto construction paper in a semicircle to create the turkey’s “feathers.” Participants will draw and cut out a turkey body from construction paper and add on eyes, a nose, and legs. Adapted version: caregivers can assist participants with drawing and cutting out a turkey body or a turkey body template may be used instead. Let participants be creative with how they want their turkey to look! See pictures for some inspiration!  

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