Importance of SPED

Special education in schools is a helping hand to those with physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities. Not only does special education provide resources to help individuals succeed in their classes, but it also provides a place for kids to be themselves and make friends in a world that is not always accepting of differences. Modifications to May be an image of 1 personcurriculum and equipment to overcome impairments is sometimes the defining aspect that makes an activity more engaging or allows a student to understand and learn.

Once an individual graduates though, the impact of special education carries over. Many programs include time during the day dedicated solely to workplace and real-life preparedness, teaching life skills such as how to complete household tasks, as well as how to communicate with others. As such, many participants in special education are able to leave school and lead relatively independent lives.

When I was in high school, a student in my graduating class was in my homeroom. She and I got to know each other pretty well in the first half of our senior year before the pandemic. I know that she was in a class for developing skills for the workplace, as well as classes she attended with non-special education students. Knowing her, I believe that the excellent special May be an image of child and standingeducation program she participated in prepared her for a successful and a somewhat independent life after graduation.

Special education in schools is infinitely important as it allows children and young adults to build a fundamental basis of knowledge, ability, and friendship while preparing students for successful lives as adults.

Written by Youth Board Kaylee W.

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