Messages of Peace from Our Community – Maggie

Our Virtual Playhouse volunteer, Maggie, started her journey with GiGi’s Playhouse in the spring of 2022. She learned about the volunteer opportunity through our collaborative partner, Back Bake America, who has a mission to perform acts of kindness and empower others to pay that kindness forward.

“When I learned about GiGi’s Playhouse and their mission I was so impressed.  I knew it would be a valuable place to spend my volunteering time!  When my initial volunteer session was over, I asked to come back, and have been here for a year now and not stopping yet!”

Maggie is a yogi offering Virtual Yoga every Friday morning. “It’s a gentle yoga class where we breathe, strengthen, and move together as a group. This class is accessible to all yoga levels and it’s a joy and pleasure to see returning friends each week. I am inspired by how participants (and family members) have progressed.” You can sign up for Virtual Yoga on our Virtual Playhouse calendar. We invite you and the whole family to join us!

A special time for Maggie is when participants share “messages of peace” at the end of each class. “I am humbled by what the participants have to say each week. Whether it’s a message of love for a family member or a pet, or I especially love it when they share peace with each other. It makes me so happy to know we have formed a Virtual Playhouse community and fostered connections with people who live all over the country.” 

Maggie highly recommends volunteering with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse. “GiGi’s has always been very good at expressing their appreciation for me, but I am the one who is most grateful because I believe I get more out of volunteering than even my students. Teaching yoga on Fridays has become a highlight of my week and reminds me why I became a yoga teacher to begin with.  As a yogi, I try to practice from a heart-centered place and GiGi’s yoga helps me come back to that intention. If anyone is on the fence about volunteering—I say, GO FOR IT!  In a small amount of time, you can fill your heart up and be inspired.”

Maggie, we are truly thankful for your commitment and dedication to volunteering and fostering peace and community!

If you are interested in volunteering with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse, see our volunteer website or email us at We cannot wait to hear from you!

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