What a Wonderful Year of Achievement.


Dear Friends,

Thank you! Because of you, GiGi’s Playhouse Syracuse continues to triumph over the unthinkable. Because of you, we never let our families down, despite the tumult of 2020 and 2021. Because of you, GiGi’s Playhouse Syracuse is stronger than ever. Because of you, we can continue to dream big, work hard and grow the services we provide at no cost to our families.

This year has been challenging for so many reasons and we continue to be inspired by the families and participants who need us, motivating us to work hard and grow our program offerings. We want to recognize and thank everyone who has rolled up their sleeves and helped us create innovative ways that have allowed us to continue to meet the needs of our families.


GiGi’s Playhouse Syracuse by the Numbers:

  • we are helping people with Down syndrome live longer, active and healthier lives.
  • our programs are free.
  • we are empowered to achieve the unimaginable.


As Ellie grows, GiGi’s Playhouse Syracuse has a program for her to participate in. It’s always been a place where Ellie was comfortable being exactly who she was, but also being encouraged, inspired, and helped to become the best version of herself. Ellie and I are currently a part of GiGiFIT. It’s our favorite day of the week. Every Thursday morning Ellie will say, “Mom what day is it?” Before I can answer she’ll say, “It’s Thursday, GiGiFIT tonight!” She loves going, she loves seeing her friends and she loves trying to run the class. She has a plan to impact the world, and GiGi’s Playhouse has over the years, giving her the confidence to know that her plan will happen.” – Playhouse Mom, Heather 


We continue to need your support to help us continue to provide: Safe in-person & virtual interactive programming like LMNOP, Destination Discovery, Fantastic Friends, and more. Including but not limited to:

  • FREE Math and Literacy One on One Tutoring Sessions.
  • Fun & important life-skills learning like GiGi’s Kitchen
  • The full GiGiFIT Programs for all ages and stages of life.
  • Upgraded technological aids to support virtual learning like iPads.
  • A GiGi’s Passenger Van that will be able to support transportation needs and bring Programs into communities that need us.

We can’t say enough about how much we need your support! Your financial donations help us to continue to provide FREE, life-changing programming and change the way our community (and the world) views Down syndrome!

Thank you,
The Board of Managers, Staff, Volunteers, and Participants at GiGi’s Playhouse Syracuse

You can support achievement online HERE

or mail your donation to GiGi’s Playhouse Syracuse, 5885 East Circle Drive, Suite 250, Cicero, New York 13039

Receive a 2021 GiGi’s Ornament with any gift of $50 or by joining our monthly giving program at $21 a month.

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