Run, Walk & Dash with Team Joey!

GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge Team Spotlight: Team Joey 👉🏼  See Team Page Here

Team Joey is ready to run, walk and Dash on April 30th, if you know Joey you know what an incredible young man he is. LOVES firefighters, Luke Bryan, and being a great friend!  Want to see more check out his Facebook Page and be ready to smile!

Luke Brayn smiling with young man who has Down syndrome in Syracuse NY


We asked Joey’s incredible mom to share a bit about why they are participating in the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challange!


mother and son smiling Are you and Joey honoring anyone with your team, if yes, why? Yes, anyone who may be thought of as “different” because we want to promote awareness and acceptance for individuals with Down syndrome.

How do you give your Best of All each Day? By being the best mom I can be to the most amazing young man. Having a child with Down syndrome has changed my life and made me more accepting of everyone and taught me not to judge someone by the way they look or learn.

What is your favorite Program at GiGi’s Playhouse? Why?   Teen Tastic! We are excited it is back, a great time of connecting with friends and doing fun activities both at the Playhouse and out in the community.

How do you show acceptance to other people in your life? By being patient, kind, and understanding.

What does it mean for you to have a GiGi’s Playhouse in our community?  I love that we have a GiGi’s so close by. I think it’s such a wonderful place for friends and family to gather and support one another.



Thank you, Diane & Joey! You can join Team Joey, support with a gift, or get your Team started today!




We are on a MOVEment to spread the message of Acceptance for all and we look forward to celebrating together on April 30th! Click here and get started today!  




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