Volunteer Spotlight – Karen Siino

Interview with Karen Siino; Volunteer Program Coordinator at GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento

Interviewed by Liam Ginnell & Claire Ramaley

Karen & Charlotte at Fantastic Friends

Karen has been with GiGi’s Playhouse since the beginning and is our Adult & Teen Program Coordinator! Volunteer Claire & Fantastic Friend Liam sat down with Karen to learn more about how she got involved with GiGi’s Playhouse, her favorite things, and more!

– How did you get involved with opening up GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento? 

Two years before we opened, April called me and wanted me to be involved in setting up the programs for GiGi’s and that’s how I got started.

– What has been your favorite part of GiGi’s so far? 

My favorite part has been seeing all the connections that people are making. I love to see connections between people in the same (age) group, and also connections between younger people with Down Syndrome and older people with Down Syndrome. 

– What is your favorite program at GiGi’s? 

I think Fantastic Friends has such a strong group of dedicated participants who have all become friends and really enjoy coming to the Playhouse. 

– What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out with my family, do crafts, and pet my dog Enzo. 

– If you could have any super power what would it be?

I’d want to be able to create food out of anything so that nobody would be starving

– What do you want to see from GiGi’s in the future?

I’d love to see many dedicated program leads and our programs thrive with lots of participants coming to every program. And more programs that we can sustain with our volunteers. I’d eventually love to see a GiGi’s University Program and would love to have a Hugs & Mugs program!

When she’s not actively participating in a program, Karen can often be found on her iPad typing away. We wanted to know- “What does Karen do on her iPad during our Gigi’s Programming?” The answer? More work for GiGi’s! “I look at the GiGi’s G-drive and see what other programs are doing, learn more about programs that we are hosting, and about programs and events that we’re not doing yet.” 

Thank you Karen for all the work you do for GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento, we appreciate you!! 

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