“Working with GiGi’s Amina Grace Speech & Language Program has been amazing”

The most enjoyable part about volunteering at GiGis is working with my clients. To see how hard they work and improve is an extremely rewarding feeling. I’m glad they have a place like GiGi’s Playhouse to help them excel! ~ Joyah M

Working with GiGi’s Amina Grace Speech & Language Program has been amazing. I have gotten to work with some of the sweetest humans you will ever meet. I have learned so much and will be forever grateful for this experience. ~ Allie T

Volunteering with GiGi’s Amina Grace Speech & Language Program has been a great experience and I have learned so much from my clients, our supervisor, and co-clinicians. The participants have been amazing and I have loved watching them learn and grow through the summer. I can’t wait to continue volunteering and watching them grow even more! ~ Morgan B

I have loved spending my summer with GiGi’s Amina Grace Speech and Language Program. The clients work so hard to meet their goals and always log on with a smile on their face. I have enjoyed getting to learn about each of their interests and to connect with them during our sessions. One of my favorite parts of the summer has been seeing the clients have F U N while doing their activities! Way to go, everyone! Great job!- Jennifer C NCCU 2022

Our partnership with North Carolina Central University to offer the Amina Grace Speech & Language program is incredible. Each semester, we are paired wtih 4-6 graduate students who are placed at GiGi’s to complete their clinical hours for their masters in Speech Pathology. What a semester of Best of All moments and new relationships. These individuals pour their passion and love into each therapy session to help our participants gain confidence in forming sentences, word articulation and being their best self. We are grateful!


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